Welcome to First Grade

Hello First Grade Parents!

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  I am very excited to meet you and your first grader.  Our first official day is Wednesday, August 31st. Please send a small snack and water bottle with your child.  Due to noon dismissal, lunch will not be served.  I will meet you on the playground, near the play pit at 8:15.  Look for the sign that says “Peoples”.   I will dismiss and escort the students to the playground at noon and any children who will be picked up at the flagpole will be escorted by Miss Feeney.

In first grade, independence is an important life skill we try hard to encourage. You are invited to walk your child into the classroom on the first day. However, after that, please drop off and/or wait with your child on the playground until I arrive to walk the class inside. We discourage parents from coming onto the deck during drop off. Thank you for your cooperation and help fostering independence.

Cheers to a fabulous year!

Mrs. Peoples