February 21st, 2020 Newsletter

First Grade Sea Otter News

Another short yet productive week in first grade! The 100th Day of school was a big celebration with activities like “Beat the 100 second clock for math games” and pictures that show the students as 100 years old. They read 119 books with their buddies! The 100 word posters look awesome! The first graders can read so many words and showed off their creative side.

The first graders learned about fact families and making ten.  They finished their Beatitude Books.  There is a parent information sheet attached to the book so you can find out more about the flowers that symbolize the beatitudes!

Homework Note:  Please keep the Lenten calendar at home during the 40 days of Lent.  The Crown of Thorns activity is a nice family project to help children show kindness for Jesus.

 Questions to Ask:

– What does it mean when something is opaque?

– Tell me one thing you did on the 100th day of school.

-What is one way to make 100?


Special Notes:

– Star Sea Otter for the week of February 24 is Bryce

-Ash Wednesday Mass is February 26 (wear dress uniform)

-Grandparents Day is March 12th

-School will be in session on March 13th


Did You Know…

Play is an important part of your child’s development?

  • Give kids ample, unscheduled time to be creative, to reflect, and to decompress
  • Encourage your children to engage in active play (running around or playing tag) in lieu of passive entertainment (video games or television)
  • Buy your children toys such as blocks or dolls, that encourage imagination and creativity
  • Spend unscheduled, unstructured time together with your kids
  • Ask your child regularly whether he feels overly tired, burned out, or over-scheduled
  • Allow your children to have a say in which extracurricular activities they are involved in

I Can…

-read first grade words. RF1.3

-use adjectives. L.1.1

-use what I know about phonics to spell new words. L.1.2

-spell first grade words. L.1.2

-sort words into categories. L.1.5

-read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

-read and understand first grade non-fiction. RI.1.10

-tell about the main ideas and details after I listen or read. SL.1.2

-follow rules for discussions, talk with others, and ask questions during discussions. SL.1.1

-speak and write in complete sentences. SL.1.6

-revise and edit my writing. W.1.5

-tell how many tens and how many ones are in a number. 1.NBT.2

-use manipulatives and pictures to help me solve problems within 100. 1.NBT.4

-find 10 more or 10 less in my head. 1.NBT.5